The future of the poultry industry is challenging with new regulations, raw materials price challenge, extensive competition, increased infectious pressure, to name but a few.

It is now, more than ever before, that the partnership between the different actors of the industry is essential in order to grow together. That’s why we have invited experts from all sectors of the industry who have a wide range of skills in immunology, food safety, genetics, zootechnics, nutrition and chicken food processing to present their vision of this beneficial partnership.  We are intricately related both to each other and to the whole avian value chain, seeking to define together how to overcome the future challenges that will face us all.

The MERIAL Avian Forum 2013 has been a real opportunity to exchange with various poultry experts from all over the world. Almost 500 people from 73 countries attended the event.

We are convinced that this Forum has been rich in learning for all of us.

The Avian Team

International Press Articles 

FRANCE - Reussir Aviculture - July/August 2013 - n°188 AV188juillet-aout2013p26-27.pdfAV188juillet-aout2013p26-27.pdf

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